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"The true travelers are those who go only to get away: light hearts like balloons, they always say "Let's go!" without knowing why. Those whose desires have the form of the clouds." Charles Baudelaire

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La Città dei Sassi


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The tourist offer diversifies in different ways to make you experience unforgettable moments during your stay, from culture to food and wine

Cultural tourism

Commonly, the cultural tourism is a kind of tourism aimed at the fruition of Cultural Heritage such as monuments, churches, museums, historical and archaeological sites, cities of art. Specifically, I invite you to visit incredible and iconic cities and places in Puglia and Basilicata together such as, for example, Matera, Metaponto, Craco, Alberobello. Special requests are always welcome.

Experiential tourism

Experiential tourism is a kind of tourism in which the traveler interacts actively and meaningfully with the land to be visited, with its history, people, culture, food and wine and the environment. The goal is to understand the culture, people and history of a destination more deeply by immersing in it rather than simply visiting it. Specifically, for example, we will be able to learn to make handmade pasta or bake bread according to traditional methods.

Food and wine tourism

In this case, the reason for the travel is, for example, to savor the local food and gastronomy or to taste the native wine, enjoying a visit to production places such as cellars or bakeries. It is a niche tourism in which olfactory and gustatory experiences are improved.

Puglia e Basilicata

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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"
Marcel Proust
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